Fashion Tip We LOVE!

I LOVE finding tips, especially when they are simple and useful such as this no sew alteration hack, which transforms loose fitting dresses into a fitted look in no time. For most women, finding clothing that fit perfectly off the rack is extremely difficult because no two bodies are made the same. Most of the time clothing has to be altered to fit just right, which is a hassle and can be quite costly. So when we stumbled upon this handy fashion hack, we just HAD to share it!

If you have a loose fitting dress that would look so much better if it was cinched in just an inch or two, try this! What you’ll need is a piece of elastic or ribbon and two safety pins.

Grab your loose fitting dress. Wear dress inside out and backwards with tags in front, this will enable you to get the perfect measurements for your body.


Using the safety pins and elastic or ribbon, pin each side of your dress for a no sew alteration.


Voila! You now have a perfectly snug dress that fits perfectly for your body.


We find this tip works best for dresses that have zippers on the side. For dresses that have the zipper running straight down the back, you can still use this tip but will need the help of a friend or family member. You will want to use the safety pin and pin one side first, put your dress on as you normally would and ask your friend/family member to pin the other side before zipping up your dress. Not as ideal but totally do-able if you’re in a pinch. =D

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