Effortless Summer Dress- Lisbeth Dress

Effortless Summer Dress – Lisbeth Dress

As a general rule of thumb, I try to purchase items I know I would wear for many years to come. Items that have the cut and style that can withstand the test of time. Clean and effortless are my go to these days.

I love the Lisbeth dress for its simplicity and charm! The dress is 100% cotton and can be worn multiple ways!   


One way is to wear it as a strapless with a charming bow tied at the back. Clean and simple! Add a floppy hat for sun protection (which doubles as a statement piece) and you instantly have a Southern Belle look. Super chic while offering sun protection (floppy hat) this outfit also keeps you stylishly cool during those hot summer days!


Another option that our customers have opt for is to use the straps and turn the dress into a halter top! You can accomplish this by crossing the two straps towards the front, crossing them at the chest and tying the straps behind your neck!

The beauty about this dress lies in its simplicity, which lends itself to several ways it can be dressed up. How would you dress up and style your Lisbeth Dress?

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